With a legacy of hard work, determination and numerous championships, the Ridgewood High School Women's Soccer program is consistently one of the top league, county and state contenders.


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2014 Seniors


Colleen Berry (30) 16 x 20 sharp Dayna Bussanich (86) 16x20 sharp Jennifer Luby (75) 16x20 sharp Katie McKeon (138) 16 x 20 sharp Madison Phillips (60) 16 x20 sharp Jill Portenfield (13) 16 x 20 sharp Lindsay Testa (112) 16x20 sharp Aidan Trevisan (87) 16x20 sharp Natalie Weil redo (198) 16x20 sharp Beth Zrike (100) redo 16x20 sharp

Congratulations Colleen and Hailey!!!!

Colleen & Hailey

Photo taken at the NJGSCA Awards Banquet on January 4, 2015.

Head Ridgewood Coach Jeff Yearing, Colleen Berry, Hailey Ricciardi, Asst. Varsity Coach Jackie Hurley, Goalkeeper and Asst. Varsity Coach Sarah Volkomer

Sophomore Hailey Ricciardi (central defender) and Senior Co. Captain Colleen Berry (goalkeeper) were honored with selection to the North 1 regional all state team as well as being selected as two of the elite top 20 players from North 1 region.


Hailey also receievd recognition as one of the top 20 players in the entire state encompassing all four regions (North 1 and 2, Central and South) and was named by the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) a Regional All American (All East) for her play this past season.